Are HEMPY oils drugs?

Absolutely not, they are aromatic preparations that confer a special flavour to the food you prefer and contain substances such as terpenes and cannabinoids, with healthy properties for the organism. You do not need a medical prescription to take in or buy Hempy products.
If you take in other medicines you should better consult your doctor.

Can doctors prescribe Hempy oils?

Yes, oils containing CBD or CBG are often recommended by doctors for their well-known beneficial effects.

What could happen if I abused with Hempy oil 1?

According to scientific literature the maximum dose for a human being is 1500 mg CBD/day, with a good tolerance and without the onset of particular adverse reaction. In general CBD has proved to have a low toxicity.

Could I be found positive to anti-drug test after having taken Hempy oils?

No, you will not be found positive to THC after an anti-drug test. In fact this test do not examine the presence of all cannabinoids.

How long does it take CBD to show efficacy?

If taken in orally, CBD increases its effect at plasma concentration level after one hour, reaching the peak after 3 hours. Normally, it is eliminated with urine and faeces.

I am an athlete. Can I use Hempy oils?

Yes, the CBD contained in Hempy oil 1 is known for his anti-inflammatory properties and it helps to recover after intensive or long-lasting trainings such as cycling, triathlon, weightlifting, boxing, etc. CBD is not listed among the world’s banned performance-enhancing substances.

Is CBD safe for human health?

Obviously yes. Recently the WHO (World Health Organisation) declared that CBD is not dangerous for human health and do not create dependence.

Is it possible to consume Hempy products during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Currently there is no specific evidence which indicates that cannabinoids (CBD and/or CBG) and Hempy products are safe options for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. We personally recommend to avoid the assumption of CBD during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can CBD create dependence?

To date, scientific literature does not report problems of abuse or physical dependence of cannabidiol or cannabigerol, both in animal and human subjects.

How many drops of Hempy oil 1 or Hempy oil 2 should I assume?

Since the levels of endogenous cannabinoids change from person to person, the dose is customized and depends on:

– body weight and age

– health status (presence/absence of diseases) and the assumption of other medicines

– the reason why you assume CBD or CBG

We recommend to begin with 3-5 drops and then «listen» to the effects on your body. Thereafter you can choose to increase the dose until you reach the desired effect.

In case of doubts always consult your doctor.

Why do we find CBD and CBG in Hempy oils in MCT oil?

Essentially, MCT oil is a union of two medium-chain fatty acids that do not dry up as rapidly as long-chain fatty acids (contained in other oils such as olive oil). This means a more stable product and a rapid absorption of phytocannabinoids CBD and CBG.